Dynamo Team

Andrés Calderón, is an industrial engineer from the State University of Louisiana, and master's degree in Business Administration from the IE of Spain, in 2006, with other partners, founded Dynamo, and has served as CEO of it since then. He has been involved in the management of more than 50 film and television projects, including Satanas (2007), Narcos (Netflix), American Made (Tom Cruise), Gemini Man (Will Smith), Distrito Salvaje, Netflix's first Colombian original series, and more recently the anthological series of Crime Diaries.


He is leading the production of television series in more than two countries, and film projects in several more; including Colombia, Mexico, Spain and the US; working in partnership with platforms like Netflix and Amazon. With these advances, he has significantly boosted film production in Colombia since the founding of the company. He has expanded the business to more than four countries, making Dynamo a global player in the industry. Since 2014 Andrés has been based in New York focused on opening the American market and strengthening the artistic and business relationship of the industry between the two countries.

CEO, Executive Producer