Diego studied International Finance and Relations at Colombia’s Universidad Externado and did his post-graduated work in International Economics at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He worked as a strategy consultant for seven years at Accenture (offices in Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Madrid) before spending three years with De La Rue in London as part of an executive business development team, heading up projects for emerging markets. Diego is a founding partner of Dynamo where he currently holds a position as Executive Producer, overseeing the development and production of premium TV series. During 2016 and 2017 he supervised Narcos for Netflix. During 2018 he was the lead producer of Falco, Dynamo’s first series produced in Mexico and he also was the showrunner of the series Green Frontier, an original idea of his. In 2019 he won an International Emmy award for his series Falco.

Executive Producer