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Sofia graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with a Bachelors' degree in Communications with an emphasis in Film and TV Studies. During her time in university, she worked on several student productions under different roles on and off set. In addition, she interned at two independent production companies, Paulist Productions and Inwood Road Films, where she focused on reading and analyzing film scripts and working with executives to develop new ideas.

In 2018 she worked as Assistant to Executive Producer for Fox's foreign production Sound of Freedom (2020), and in 2020 she was Assistant Director on Dynamo's series Mala Yerba (2021). In 2021 she joined Dynamo as Development Coordinator. She focuses on finding stories and projects that can reach a global audience, reading scripts, connecting with new talent, and working closely with producers in the development of film and television projects for different platforms.

Development Coordinator
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